The Grapefruit Active Lifestyle Meal Plan

Whether you’re training for a marathon, amping up your gym regimen or just trying to live a more active life, it can be hard to determine the appropriate foods and servings to fuel your lifestyle in a healthy and tasty way. The Grapefruit Active Lifestyle Meal Plan is a simple, flexible and nutritionally balanced seven-day eating regimen created by Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, CSSD, especially for women looking to refine their eating habits.  The plan is designed with busy women in mind and includes nutritious, simple-to-prepare meal solutions and delicious snack choices.

  • Balancing act. The plan includes three balanced meals and two sensible snacks each day, which follow the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines and include nutrient-rich whole grains, fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean protein. Each day’s suggested meals and snacks add up to approximately 1,600 calories, and can be personalized by adding or removing a daily snack.
  • Think pink. Fresh grapefruit and 100 percent grapefruit juice are the centerpieces of the eating plan because of their invigorating taste, nutrient-rich profile and potential health and weight management benefits when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Make it yours. This flexible plan includes simple substitutions to meet the needs of individuals following vegetarian or vegan eating regimens, and common ingredient swaps for those just looking to change things up or tailor based on their personal food preferences.
  • Sweet, sassy and satisfied. The plan was designed to offer a satisfying balance of foods with fiber, protein and high-water content to help contribute to a feeling of fullness. However, if you are hungry, simply eat an additional snack from the meal plan. 
  • Stay on track. You may continue to repeat the plan for as long as you’d like, shuffling the order of meals and snacks and utilizing ingredient swaps as necessary to keep the plan fresh.
  • A day in the life. The plan features a different mouth-watering breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe for each day, along with a robust list of snack options. For example, one day on the plan you can enjoy an egg and spinach scramble and toast with café au lait for breakfast, chicken parmesan wraps and mixed green salad with grapefruit vinaigrette for lunch, and zucchini and mushroom pasta with ricotta for dinner. Two healthy snacks, including one grapefruit-infused treat, round out the day.
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Fresh grapefruit and 100 percent grapefruit juice provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, plus each is:

• Fat free
• Saturated fat free
• Sodium free
• Cholesterol free
• Free from added sugars

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